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OSECC 35 Years – Slide Show CD – FOR SALE

A PowerPoint slide show featuring the history of the club and the numerous collectibles associated with it. Produced by Jill Haala, displayed at the 2010 Convention – all proceeds benefit the OSECC. Remember, this is a CD and not a DVD, and can only be viewed using your computer.
To order a copy of the OSECC 35 years CD, please contact:
Or send your name, address and $20 plus $4.95 shipping to:
Jill Haala / P.O. Box 103 / Morgan, MN 56266


FOR SALE – Several pieces of Sleepy Eye along with a few, rare colored pottery items – Call 641-676-1637 cell – 641-295-4626.

FOR SALE – Set of Pitchers #1-5

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The #5 has the diamond and a ‘floating Indian’.  All in excellent shape!  Tiny base chips on #5.  $1500.00

email: rylie24@cox.net

phone: 479-876-5521

pitchers #1-5



WANTED – OSE Collections

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Wanted – Sleepy Eye collections large and small, rare pieces, paper items.  I also have items for Sale and if I do not have it I may be able to find it for you.  Please contact me at 641-676-1637 or email to:  paperologist@mahaska.org

WANTED – OSE Flour Advertising Items

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Wanted – Old Sleepy Eye Flour advertising items.  Anything that belongs in a country store: signs, boxes, tins, paper advertising etc.  Please call 507-354-1680 or email tbushard@newulmtel.net

WANTED – OSE Collections

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Wanted – Sleepy Eye collections small or large, rare pieces. Please contact me at 217-415-5123 or email: swood10547@aol.com